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The Beginning

Before the establishment of San Diego Colon Hydrotherapy, Suzie Goldsher became a nutritionist and chef through formal education. She developed the original Healthy Choice Dinners and Entrees through her extensive background in the commercial food industry as a food technologist.

Finding Her Passion

In 2002, Suzie entered the field of holistic health, initially serving in the role of health coach and client care specialist. It was through this experience that she chose to address her lifelong battle with digestive disorders.

Suzie was inspired by the professionals who helped her and the progress she made, most notably through the application of colon hydrotherapy and other forms of cleansing and detox. This event pushed her to shift careers and become a clinician and educator.

Helping Others Achieve Greater Health

Along the way in her new career, Suzie formed a special interest in the areas of anti-aging and longevity. She, as well as others, noticed how the therapies under those fields coupled with an overall commitment to a non-toxic lifestyle helped her age well. Now, she is thrilled to share what she has learned at the facility she established in San Diego, California.

Led by Suzie, we are of service to you—our beloved clients. Our head and her staff find that helping others is deeply satisfying and is the most fulfilling of all other experiences encountered in life.

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