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Guidelines for Our Work Together

Providing an exceptional wellness experience is our primary aim. The following guidelines help ensure an optimal working relationship that safeguards our mutual wellbeing and are based on mutual respect, appreciation, and responsibility. We kindly request you consider these policies before scheduling an appointment. Thank you in advance for adhering to these guidelines!


1) Before Booking: Please carefully review all information about the Colon Hydrotherapy procedure in the online booking platform. People unfamiliar Colon Hydrotherapy may be unsure if they are ready for it or may have certain health or physical conditions that are not compatible with the procedure (contraindications). We strongly advise you to consult the information we’ve provided and supplement it with your own research as needed.

2) Prepayment: Payment is required to complete the booking process. It has the added benefit of strengthening your commitment to your wellbeing and ensuring we are committed as well to our time together.

3) Cancellations: We understand, things come up. Or, you have a change of heart. But we still blocked out 75 minutes of time for your appointment and would have difficulty filling it at the last minute. For this reason, cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice are considered a utilized session (whether you paid for a single session or package), and payment is retained.

4) No Shows: Not showing up for your appointment is considered a utilized session (whether you paid for a single session or package), and payment is retained.

5) No Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds, even if you provided 24 hours’ advance notice before cancelling. However, we do offer the following alternatives:

  • A credit on your account for future use (no expiration date).

  • The option to gift your session(s) to a friend/loved one.

  • The option to replace your Colon Hydrotherapy session with Reiki Energy Healing.

6) When the Session Doesn’t Unfold: On rare occasion the Colon Hydrotherapy session is not able to proceed. If any one of the following situations occurs, full payment is retained.

  • A client says they are too nervous and have changed their mind about undergoing therapy.

  • A client is unable to sufficiently unclench their anal muscles during insertion (otherwise, the speculum cannot be inserted) or during session (otherwise, waste cannot be physically released from the body).

  • A contraindication (a client’s health or physical condition) is revealed. For instance, during insertion of the speculum, a hemorrhoid or similar physical contraindication is discovered, preventing the insertion from proceeding.

  • It is discovered that the client either has anal stenosis (a narrowing of the anal canal) or the opposite, a weak anal sphincter. These conditions prevent the speculum from sitting correctly inside the rectum.


7) Punctuality: Your appointment time has been set aside exclusively for you, and the therapy session cannot be shortened, nor can we ask clients scheduled after you to wait past their appointment start time. If you find yourself running late, please text 858-733-0326. An arrival time later than 10 minutes will be considered a “no show.”

8) Questions/Concerns: Our time together is valuable, and we want it to be as productive and beneficial as possible. If you become unsure about anything prior to your session, and you are unable to find an answer online, please text 858-733-0326.

9) Translator: Throughout the Colon Hydrotherapy session, very specific instructions are given that must be followed in order for the session to proceed. Therefore, if you do not speak or understand English fluently, please bring a human translator (i.e., computer or AI-generated translations will be insufficient).

10) No Guarantees: While almost all clients benefit greatly from Colon Hydrotherapy and we pledge to do our best on your behalf, we cannot guarantee any specific outcome given each client’s underlying physical condition, mental state, and other variables. Colon Hydrotherapy is not a magic pill that works instantly the first time. Our work together is a partnership, and in order for a session to unfold successfully, it is important for the client to be prepared and fully engaged the entire time.

Factors that may impede optimal results or pose challenges to a session proceeding successfully include but are not limited to:

a. The client’s current use of strong pain killers, which can effectively paralyze the colon, making it virtually impossible to foster movement.

b. The recent consumption of foods that have an inflammatory effect on the body’s tissues and organs. They can significantly inhibit waste from moving freely from the colon. Please see our “Three-Day Preparation” instructions, sent with your e-mailed appointment confirmation for more information on which foods to avoid.

c. The client not following the therapist’s instructions during the session. During therapy, precise instructions are provided, and it is essential the client remains fully engaged and carefully follows instructions throughout the process and asks questions as needed.

d. An active infection. If a client has some kind of gut infection, a resulting blockage in the colon may occur. If this is observed, we will bring it to your attention.

All of the above speaks to the importance of doing a minimum of three Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. The average colon contains at least three layers of unwanted waste and toxins. Hence, multiple successive sessions are advised to achieve a more complete cleansing. To clear symptoms of longer duration, more sessions may be required, along with proper self-care in between sessions.

We will provide you with comprehensive tools and information to facilitate the success of your visit. The degree to which you apply yourself to the session (and the self-care in between sessions) is the degree to which you will experience maximum comfort and satisfaction with each session and lasting results over the course of the therapy series and beyond. Our intention is that you come away feeling not only better than ever before, but also far more empowered to better care for yourself going forward. We will fully assist you in making the most of this important opportunity that many clients describe as life changing. But like any health-related endeavor, achieving the best possible result will ultimately depend on you.

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